Many years ago in the early 90s, I received an order of a couple that wanted to have an erotic painting of them in a very disclosure pose. At that time I made paintings that were monochrome and only consisted of a brown color “burnt umber” and I smeared the entire canvas with then with gauze I wiped out the subject. Now I have taken up the same motif but but in a new way of painting, the pictures will be painted in oil.
I want with this page reflect people’s sexuality and ways to satisfy their pleasure in different ways. There is no way that is wrong as long as it is done with that everyone agrees.

All eroticism is definitionally pornographic, and all porn must be erotic. Otherwise it’s not porn. Or eroticism. I challenge anyone to define the difference. I can not do that. Neither are you. Or someone else, for that matter. It can not be done.

Do you want as visitors to this site be involved and be a model, alone or with several other models and help me achieve my goal to depict different sexual preferences. Please contact me so will we try to solve it.

Do you want to buy one of my pictures, choose the one you want to buy contact me in the contact form and I link to high resolution image after I received payment.

Note: All images are copyrighted. You do not own permission to download, screenshot, share or otherwise capture and distribute my images without my written permission. Violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Po Andersson Artist

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